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Welcome Home

The story started

About us.

We want to be a church where anyone can come,feel welcomed and accepted and find thier way at their own pace.We aim to create an ambiance of worship that will leave you longing for more of God in your life.We call this Eden moment.From the moment you walk into the doors of our church until you leave,we are committed to a refreshing,challenging,compelling,relevant and modern presentation of God’s truth.

If you don’t have a place of worship, this is place you can call home.We are not the only true church but we believe that God has brought you here for a purpose,we are intentional in caring and loving those who God has brought to us including you.


At our core are the following values,If you were to perform a heart surgery to find out who we are,we wish the following to be found in our hearts.

  • GOD FIRST  (We put God first in everything)
  • THE WORD OF GOD  (We hold the bible to be the textbook of life from God).
  • FAMILY  (We firm believers in marriage, love and marriage)
  • RELEVANT  (We believe in God and not in traditions)
  • TIME  (We keep to our times)


Expanding Christ Centered Kingdom


Winning the lost and preparing the saints for the coming of the Lord.